Optical illusion Amplified

Welcome back, and it is time for more optical illusions that have more ‘impact’. First in line we have the ‘waving beans’. WARNING: MAY MAKE SENSITIVE OBSERVERS DIZZY OR SICK, SCROLL DOWN FAST TO SKIP THE FIRST ILLUSION SHOULD THAT OCCURS.

waving beans_20optical_gizmodo_akiyoshi

Credits to Gizmodo and Akiyoshi’s illusion pages. This ‘waving beans’ illusion is indeed wavy. It just moves and I do not exactly know why. But I believe it is a result of how the beans are positioned and put together such that a wavy illusion occurs. Feel free to check out Akiyoshi’s illusion pages for more of such illusions, also known as “anomalous motion illusion”.


Credits to Anopticalillusion. This is another motion illusion that is so strong that it seems the green, purple, black and white “tubes” are moving in a swirling motion. As for this, I think that the colours and how the “tubes” are drawn play major roles in creating this moving illusion. It is simply amazing how this is even created.

Now let us take a look at some interesting “camera-angle-achieved” illusions.

creepy face_creditsto_illusionspictures_bs_sg

Credits to illusionspictures. The camera is on the table opposite the lady (and we are only able to see her head probably due to her low sitting position). Moreover, the shadow of the spoon gives viewers a feeling that it is that of the lady’s head. This further enhances the illusion. The blog consist many interesting illusions of all sorts, though it is quite a pity the blog is inactive now.

girl on a path random_cite 40 incredible example

Girl On Random Path

Credits to BoredPanda. This picture is indeed interesting. The “path” starts behind the girl’s neck and the real one is what she is standing on and ends far far ahead… I like how this picture is taken as there is a ‘funny’ element around it. I salute the camera-man. You can definitely find more optical illusions in photos on BoredPanda.


National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences

Lastly, we have a website full of optical illusions and also for Kids by the NIH, National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences. (Don’t mind the ‘for kids’, the illusion there is good, especially the one on rotating pink dot, Optical illusion Amplified!)

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‘Artistic’ Optical illusions

Art at its Best

So, what’s considered artistic? Define it… … …
It’s ok, STOP. Let’s welcome our best friend, GOOGLE.

Artistic: having or revealing natural creative skill.

Optical illusions can be artistic as well, where it reveals creativity. Take a look at this picture.

How many legs are there?

How many legs are there?

Initially, I thought that all the legs, be it white or black, were heels. It took quite a while before I realised otherwise – The “white legs” facing upwards are probably those of women’s while the “black legs” facing downwards are those of men’s. Credits to one pinboard from pintrest: martinhausp pintrest. Check them out if you’d like.

Anamorphic Optical illusions

Anamorphic: gradual evolution from one type of organism to another

As I logged into WordPress, one blog which I was following posted “Anamorphic Optical Illusion Murals by Ella and Pitr”, I guessed it was ‘good stuff’ and clicked it.



It did not disappoint me. These two were the ones which I felt were more outstanding and able to bring out the element of ‘art’ in them. The first one is rather self-explanatory, stairs as the setting, while the second one seems a little bit more tricky. But I think it is two rooms separated by a wall with two ‘n-shaped’ windows in the middle. Nevertheless, both are simply great optical illusions. Credits to eMORFES for posting. You can find more of such illusions at eMORFES’s wordpress.

Chalk Drawing illusions

Chalk drawing, do not underestimate it.

chalk drawing moillusions

Reason is simple: Guinness world record for being the largest 3D painting in the world, and is created on a flat surface!

Credits to Mighty Optical illusions . A classic not to be missed. It can also be found on my blogroll and is a fantastic site for any optical illusions fans/people who are bored/need to be entertained. No stress, and be amazed!

3D chalk drawings_teenbani blog

This is also created on a flat surface, credits to teenbani. Much more of such chalk drawings illusions can be found there, and this is just one which I found to be interesting and astonishing. It is as if you could take a bath underground!

Now, sit back and enjoy this advertisement from Honda. It is full of illusions, so try to catch as much as you can.

How was it? Managed to catch all of them? Well, I must say camera angles and a lot of preparation work/set-ups probably played huge roles in order to create those illusions. Still, certainly not one to be missed.

Elevators Madness

The last of the ‘artistic’ collection of optical illusions that I would bring to you would be from an elevator. Yes, an elevator. Though simple in appearance, it can be extraordinary.

Elevator Floor_credits darkroastedblend

“Floor-less” elevator goodness

The “floor-less” elevator illusion is probably from China. This illusion is really simple, just a trick painting on the elevator floor. The different shades of colour creates the illusion and it is enhanced by the guy sitting on the handles of the elevator, with him feeling “stressed”. Credits to darkroastedblend.

elevator2_london_credits blogoffrances_30bestopticalillusion

Fragile “Ice-floor” elevator goodness

This illusion is from London. The concept is exactly the same as the floor-less elevator, just another trick painting. However, for this, I think it would be even better if the two children’s reflections are shown. It would further enhance the illusion, or perhaps even complete it. Credits to 30BestOpticalillusions.

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Introduction to optical illusion – Can you trust your eyes?

Optical illusion is something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is. There are many types of optical illusions, and allow me to bring to you guys a collection of ‘anything’ that could trick your eyes. Do visit regularly and be prepared to be ‘fooled’. (you’d like it, I promise.)

Whenever we hear the words ‘optical illusions’, we tend to think of it as, perhaps this?

Optical illusions are definitely more than that, I can assure you. So let’s take a look at this ‘yellow chair’ illusion.

How about that? Frankly speaking, this was one of the illusions that sparked my interest for optical illusions. I felt that it was able to bring out the essence of optical illusions and that it was simply amazing. Check out Brain Games‘ site by National Geographic for an interactive experience on our attention. (DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE “BYE BYE, DOTS” – ‘spinning orange square’ illusion)

On a side note…

There is no difference between what is seen and the mind that sees it” – Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This probably meant that our eyes and mind are very much related to one another, and in this case (yellow chair illusion), with our mind tricked, our eyes get tricked as well. Check out more on how our sacred eyes see at Perceptual Phenomena Characteristics Demo Gallery. It is one interesting site and has quality information on how we perceive things, not to forget our favourite optical illusions as well, Cheers.

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