Introduction to optical illusion – Can you trust your eyes?

Optical illusion is something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is. There are many types of optical illusions, and allow me to bring to you guys a collection of ‘anything’ that could trick your eyes. Do visit regularly and be prepared to be ‘fooled’. (you’d like it, I promise.)

Whenever we hear the words ‘optical illusions’, we tend to think of it as, perhaps this?

Optical illusions are definitely more than that, I can assure you. So let’s take a look at this ‘yellow chair’ illusion.

How about that? Frankly speaking, this was one of the illusions that sparked my interest for optical illusions. I felt that it was able to bring out the essence of optical illusions and that it was simply amazing. Check out Brain Games‘ site by National Geographic for an interactive experience on our attention. (DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE “BYE BYE, DOTS” – ‘spinning orange square’ illusion)

On a side note…

There is no difference between what is seen and the mind that sees it” – Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

This probably meant that our eyes and mind are very much related to one another, and in this case (yellow chair illusion), with our mind tricked, our eyes get tricked as well. Check out more on how our sacred eyes see at Perceptual Phenomena Characteristics Demo Gallery. It is one interesting site and has quality information on how we perceive things, not to forget our favourite optical illusions as well, Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Introduction to optical illusion – Can you trust your eyes?

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